About the Class
This 12-hour educational program is for youth who have made high-risk choices about alcohol and/or other drugs. It provides evidence-SIRPWkbk030based information to youth about the risks of use, and helps them weigh—for themselves—the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to use. Most important, it helps participants plan for and commit to changes in their behavior. The program is a conversation, not a lecture and is offered in small groups (2-12 people). Each class is taught by a nationally certified PRIME for Life instructor. Classes are offered at several locations across Maine. All classes are 12-hours in length but the hours may be offered over a two-day, three-day, or four-day format. Submit a referral on-line!

Who is eligible?

  • Youth (13-18 years) interested in the material
  • Youth referred by adults concerned for the youth’s high risk behavior regarding alcohol and other substances
  • Youth referred by an educational institution for substance use concerns

Why sign up and complete the class?

  • Learn valuable information about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body and brain.
  • It is not a lecture. It is a conversation. Participants decide for themselves what they are going to do next, after the class.
  • The class provides information that can help participants identify and learn ways to protect what they value in life, and learn how alcohol and other drugs can threaten those values.

What past participants have said:

  • “The instructor was helpful and friendly.”
  • “I learned about the stages of alcohol and drug addiction.”
  • “The class was worth my time.”
  • “The information I learned was useful.”
  • “I would recommend it to others.”