One of the most important choices teens face during their high school years is whether or not to live a drug free life style–whether or not to use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other drugs. Fortunately, most young people decide not to use. However some, especially older youth, do use alcohol or other drugs. Community members and parents together can have a lot of influence over every youths choice by:


  1. Teaching youth about the risks of use,
  2. Telling them, thoughtfully and clearly how we expect them to act,
  3. Monitoring their behavior, and
  4. If they begin to make higher-risk choices, help them re-think and make different decisions.

Youth who have begun to experiment with substance use can turn around and take a different path—if they get the right information about the risks, and have the opportunity to weigh—for themselves—the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to use.

Submit a referral, if you think your son or daughter might benefit from:

  • A discussion of the risks of alcohol or other drug use
  • A self-evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the choices they are making right now, and
  • Some coaching on to how to make different choices they think are right for them.

As part of SIRP, the parent’s of participants meet to discuss what the program entails and resources available to them. A typical meeting can last from 30 minutes to one hour.