About Sirp

About Sirp

Student Intervention Reintegration Program (SIRP) is an evidence-based program for Maine teens, ages 13 – 18, who may be experimenting with alcohol and other drugs, making questionable decisions, or engaging in risky behavior. The program empowers teens to make healthy decisions and reduce risk, all without judgment or shame.

This 12-hour educational program is a conversation, not a lecture, and is offered in small groups at many Maine high schools. Each class is taught by a nationally certified instructor. SIRP is one small step in the right direction, and, for many teens, will be the biggest step of their lives. The class provides teens with facts and teaches them to assess risks and make better, more informed choices in their lives.

A community champion conducts an informational meeting with parents and follows up with families to encourage sustained success.

Who is Eligible?

  • Teens referred by adults concerned for the youth’s high-risk behavior regarding alcohol and other substances

  • Teens referred by an educational institution for substance use concerns

Who Benefits From Sirp?

The course is beneficial to parents, friends, schools, juvenile justice programs, and community members who might need support, or provide support to an individual through a time of transition or need. Those include, teens ages 13 – 18 who:

  • Have been exposed to substance use or misuse in the home
  • Have engaged in drinking or drug use
  • Have been influenced by friends to engage in risky behaviors
  • Who skip school or are frequently tardy
  • Who have experienced money/food/housing insecurities
  • Who have moved or relocated or are having a hard time adjusting

Sirp is a Life-Changing Program

  • No scare tactics
  • No judgment
  • Freely engage in a comfortable environment where thoughts, feelings, opinions, and self-reflection are encouraged
  • Discover the impact friends, values, and personal choices have on future outcomes
  • Learn the steps involved in making low-risk decisions