Referral Process


Referral to SIRP can be made here.

Who can make a referral to SIRP?

  • Caregiver
  • Teacher
  • Principal/Vice Principal
  • Juvenile Community Corrections Officer
  • Law Enforcement
  • Other person in youth’s life

Who should be referred to SIRP?

  • Youth considering using substances
  • Youth who are using substances
  • Youth surrounded by substance use
  • Youth making high-risk choices
  • Youth selling substances

When completing a referral:

  • Be sure to enter all the information you have about the youth
  • Provide the caregiver’s information and whether or not they are aware of the referral
  • Provide your contact information for follow up about the referral
  • Give any information you have about what prompted the referral
  • If you have previously made SIRP referrals to a community organization listed on the referral form, please identify that organization in your referral